An accident as serious as a surgical error requires a dedicated legal team and at the personal injury law firm of Kenney & Conley, we take our responsibilities to our clients very seriously. In medical malpractice cases of all kinds, that means committing substantial resources to the investigation of a claim in order to develop an accurate idea of its prospects for success before commencing litigation. It also means convincing medical experts within a given field or specialty to provide expert opinions in support of the plaintiff’s claim. These expert opinions are delivered first before a medical malpractice screening tribunal and then again at trial.

Most of all, our commitment to client service means that we will give you honest information about your claim’s chances, including cases where your likelihood of winning is slight, or where the technical issues are too complex for us to handle with the skill and confidence your claim deserves. Ultimately, our priority is to provide you with the best possible service and the best possible results in your malpractice case.

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Surgical Errors & the Law

Not all surgical procedures that turn out badly or even tragically for the patient are the fault of the surgeon or anyone else on the surgical team. Because every Massachusetts medical malpractice lawsuit must be supported from its earliest stages by a qualified medical opinion that professional negligence was the cause of the plaintiff’s injury, we work very closely with leading medical practitioners to make sure that we can establish a direct causal link between the surgeon’s error and your physical damages. If we can’t do so, we’ll let you know as quickly as possible.

Once Kenney & Conley commits to a surgical malpractice claim, our intensive preparation and investigation prior to filing the lawsuit starts to return dividends. With an excellent head start toward trial, we have the ability to steer the litigation in favorable directions and keep the pressure on the defense. Just as we carefully establish our ability to prove negligent causation, we carefully investigate and document our client’s damages so that the full value of your claim can be presented to its greatest and most persuasive effect.


Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys

Greater Boston surgical malpractice attorney Paul Kenney has almost 25 years of experience with the investigation and trial of medical negligence claims, and his long years of practice enable him to develop a malpractice case to maximize its chance of success. He knows how to assess the evidence on issues such as the patient’s informed consent to assume the risks of a given surgical procedure, or the causal connection between a surgical puncture wound or retained foreign object and the patient’s nerve damage or severe infection. He also knows how to assess the defendant physician’s technique in performing spinal, brain, or heart surgery. That experience and knowledge can be invaluable when you or a family member have suffered from a surgical error.

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