If you or a family member has been injured through medical malpractice involving pharmacy negligence or prescription mistakes – such as negligent prescription of medications, the failure of a pharmacy to fill a prescription correctly, or accidents involving a nurse’s improper administration of a drug – contact a Massachusetts personal injury attorney at Kenney & Conley today for a free consultation, toll free at (781) 848-9891.

Our experience with the investigation and proof of pharmacy and medication errors, together with our familiarity with the state and federal laws relating to consumer protection, can represent a significant advantage to our clients in recovering full compensation for their injuries.


Types of Pharmacy Negligence & Prescription Mistakes

Medications prescribed by physicians and distributed by licensed pharmacists are, by their very nature, hazardous – if they weren’t, they would be freely available over the counter. Despite measures to limit the danger of such hazardous substances, there are instances when a consumer is harmed by the negligence of someone with access to these substances, typically a doctor or pharmacist. On occasion, a physician will prescribe a drug in the wrong dosage or without due regard for interactions or allergies. This type of oversight is a classic example of medical malpractice where the patient is exposed to potentially disastrous results. Alternatively, a pharmacy could incur liability by filling a prescription incorrectly, either with the wrong medication or in the wrong dose, as when an order for 25 milligram capsules is filled at 250 milligrams. Patients in hospitals or nursing homes can suffer severe consequences if a nurse fails to administer drugs at the correct times or according to the label instructions. All these are among the many ways that pharmacy negligence and prescription mistakes can impact medical patients.

As you can no doubt imagine, determining liability and responsibility in these cases can quickly become complex, necessitating an experienced legal team such as Kenney & Conley. An experienced legal team can identify the proper chain of responsibility and liability to ensure that your case is put in the best possible position to win you the maximum possible amount of compensation.


Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys

As in our other personal injury and malpractice cases, a Kenney & Conley investigation of your pharmaceutical injury claim involves a careful review of both liability and damages with a view toward maximizing your overall compensation. Our understanding of warranty and consumer protection law can help identify situations where the pharmacy itself assumes a responsibility for warning a patient of dangerous interactions or side effects. Our comprehensive analysis of both the facts and the applicable law helps us present your claim with full documentation as to our theory of a given defendant’s liability and your complete damages. Our priority is to provide you with the best possible service and the best possible results.

For a free consultation regarding your right to compensation in a malpractice or negligence case involving pharmacy negligence or prescription mistakes, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at Kenney & Conley today, toll free at (781) 848-9891.