At Kenney & Conley, we represent many clients who have suffered injuries in hotels, apartments and condominiums. These accidents are typically caused by negligence or by the failure of building owners and condominium associations to maintain lobby spaces and other common areas in a satisfactorily safe condition. Whether your accident occurred on a slippery motel floor, an unlit hotel hallway, or a badly secured apartment entryway, the Massachusetts premises liability attorneys at Kenney & Conley can advise and represent you. Contact us today, toll free at (781) 848-9891, for a free consultation about your legal options.

The law office of Kenney & Conley have been serving clients in Massachusetts for more than 20 years and will provide the knowledge and experience that your case needs. If your or a family member have suffered injuries in hotels, apartments and condominiums that resulted from an accident, you have a right to compensation. Contact the lawyers at Kenney & Conley today to begin your path to financial recovery.


Common Accidents Leading to Injuries in Hotels, Apartments & Condominiums

The law of premises liability makes property owners responsible for the reasonable safety of business patrons, social guests, tenants, and other legitimate visitors. When the owner of a building fails to protect or at least warn such persons of dangerous property conditions – which might include any hazard from an area undergoing remodeling to a dangerous dog on the premises – the owner can be held liable for the full range of the injured person’s physical, economic, and intangible damages.

The experienced legal team of Kenney & Conley can provide the guidance necessary to property structure your case, ensuring that you are in the best possible position for receiving maximum compensation for your injuries. Among the specific premises liability situations that we handle are injuries caused by the following:

  • Slippery floors in hotel lobbies or apartment building common areas
  • Inadequate lighting in halls and stairways
  • Unsafe conditions in parking lots or garages
  • Structurally unsound building elements and code violations
  • Poorly maintained or supervised swimming pools
  • Negligent security ranging from inadequate or malfunctioning locks on doors to ineffective video monitoring and surveillance

Our firm stands up for the rights of clients who have suffered any type of injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, closed head injuries, concussions, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, broken bones, amputations, burns, serious lacerations and abrasions, or others. We also handle wrongful death cases, in which someone else’s negligence led to a fatal accident. If you or a family member has suffered an injuries in a hotel, apartment or condominium, contact the law offices of Kenney & Conley today.


Greater Boston Area Personal Injury Attorneys

The law offices of Kenney & Conley have more than 20 years of experience in helping their clients in the greater Boston area receive the compensation amounts that they deserve. Our priority is to provide you with the best possible service and the best possible results in your case. We strive to fully understand your case so that we can position you to receive the maximum compensation possible.

For dependable advice and experienced representation in a case involving injuries sustained in hotels, apartments or condominiums, contact the Massachusetts premises liability lawyers at Kenney & Conley today, toll free at (781) 848-9891.