Every day people step onto elevators and escalators without giving much thought to potential danger but, in fact, elevator and escalator injuries impact the lives of many people. While there are specific regulations governing installation for both elevators and escalators, and while every elevator or escalator is subject to routine inspection and maintenance requirements, the reality is that accidents can happen. When people suffer elevator and escalator injuries, questions of safety and liability often revolve around the manufacturers and service vendors responsible for inspecting and maintaining the equipment.

The personal injury lawyers at Kenney & Conley have been representing clients in negligence claims throughout Suffolk County and the surrounding area for over 20 years. If you or a loved one are injured or killed in an escalator or elevator accident, our experienced attorneys will help you find compensation for medical bills and lost income as well as for your pain and suffering. Contact our lawyers today for a free consultation, toll free at (781) 848-9891.


Elevator & Escalator Injury Claims in Greater Boston

Because of their frequent use and the high level of risk involved in their failure, elevators – whether they are in hotels, apartments, office buildings or any other location – must be inspected frequently in order to ensure functionality and avoid accidents. The attorneys at Kenney & Conley handle many different elevator injury claims including those involving limbs caught in faulty doors, miss-leveling causing trip and falls, and falls due to strained cables or brake failure. Smaller lifts on older buildings present another potential hazard. These add-on or open-air elevators are intended to meet current building codes but may result in wheelchair lift accidents and injury to the elderly or children. If you or a family member have suffered such an injury, contact the attorneys at Kenney & Conley today for a free consultation.


Compensation for Serious Escalator Injuries

Escalators – which are often found in high traffic locations such as airports, malls and subways – present a particular danger due their powerful motors and the “pinch point” where the moving stairway enters the recess area. Regulations require that this pinch point area must be small enough to protect against clothing like shoe laces or mittens and scarves getting caught and dragging someone in, especially a young child.

Our skilled attorneys can help recover compensation for escalator accidents caused by design flaws, malfunctions causing sudden stops or acceleration, synchronization issues between the moving walkway and handrail, or improper warnings and other potentially hazardous conditions. With over 20 years of experience serving the greater Boston area, the law offices of Kenney & Conley are committed to providing you with the best possible service and results in your claim.


Boston Area Personal Injury Lawyers

If you or a family member is injured in an escalator or elevator accident, our premises liability attorneys are ready to perform a thorough investigation. Our mission is to document the full extent of your losses and help you recover the maximum compensation possible. To learn how we can help you, contact the personal injury lawyers at Kenney & Conley today, toll free at (781) 848-9891, for a free consultation regarding your elevator and escalator injuries.