If you or a family member have suffered from a dog bit or animal attack, you may be able to make a dog bite claim in order to gain compensation for the costs that this injury has incurred. Massachusetts public policy has long favored the rights of dog bite victims through laws that strictly enforce liability against the owner of an animal who injures another person. Even if the dog has never shown dangerous tendencies or bitten anyone previously, the owner will be responsible to the injured person for damages, unless the owner can convince a jury that an adult victim was a trespasser or somehow provoked the dog.

The personal injury attorneys at Kenney & Conley are careful to develop and present complete documentation of your injuries in a dog bite claim so that you can receive full compensation for your losses. For additional information about our ability to represent your interests effectively in a dog bite case, contact a greater Boston personal injury attorney at Kenney & Conley today for a free consultation at (781) 848-9891.


Types of Dog Bite Claims

Because of the diverse characteristics of different dog breeds as well as the varying natures of their environments, dog bites and attacks can happen in many locations under many different circumstances. The following are some common examples of dog-related injuries and claims.

  • Social guests, small children, delivery and home repair workers, and even motorists and bicycle riders are all at risk when an unrestrained and aggressive dog confronts them with its teeth.
  • Dog or other animal owners can also be liable to passing bike riders, drivers, or joggers who suffer injuries in an accident caused by sudden swerving or braking to avoid a loose animal on the street or highway.
  • We also represent police officers and firefighters injured by dog bites while responding to emergencies. The precedent supporting their right to personal injury damages in a civil lawsuit was established several years ago in one of our own cases.


Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys

Depending on the size of the dog and the nature of the attack, dog bite injuries can be very serious and even occasionally fatal, particularly in cases where the victim is a very young child. Among the common injuries resulting from dog bites are severe damage to soft tissues and extensive scarring or disfigurement. No matter the type or severity of injury that you or a loved one have suffered, you deserve compensation for your injuries.

The attorneys at Kenney & Conley have the experience necessary to properly prepare and document your dog bite claim so that you and your family are in the best possible position to receive the maximum level of compensation. For example, in cases where prior incidents of dangerous behavior or complaints about loose or unleashed dogs have come to the attention of the town or city officials, an order of restraint may have been issued against the owner. Under such circumstances, the owner may then be held liable for triple damages to the victim of a later attack by the same dog.
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