Construction & Hydraulic Equipment

Due to their size and powerful nature, accidents involving heavy equipment such as construction and hydraulic equipment can result in disabling and fatal injuries. While construction workers are regularly exposed to inherently dangerous working conditions, the probability of a dangerous accident occurring increases immensely when a piece of construction or hydraulic equipment is shown to be defective. Even the smallest of defects can prove to be incredibly dangerous or even fatal and in such cases the injured party has a right to compensation.

In the event that you or a family member have suffered an injury or death in an accident that was caused by a defect in construction or hydraulic equipment, contact the attorneys at Kenney & Conley today, toll free at (781) 848-9891 for a free consultation regarding your rights. Our personal injury attorneys at Kenney & Conley have comprehensive understanding of liability, particularly liability issues concerning serious construction accidents. This knowledge can make a significant difference in your financial recovery.

Types of Construction & Hydraulic Equipment Accidents

When defective crane gears malfunction and cause a beam to swing into scaffolding, workers in the path of the beam can suffer fatal injuries upon impact or suffer catastrophic injuries if they fall from the scaffolding. When a construction equipment accident causes a worker to suffer a paralyzing spinal cord injury, brain injury, or other catastrophic injury, traditional compensation through workers’ compensation benefits will be inadequate to cover the costs, losses and damages incurred. Thorough investigation of a construction equipment accident may reveal additional third parties subject to financial responsibility for injuries or fatalities that resulted.

The attorneys at Kenney & Conley maximize our client’s compensation for medical bills, lost income, and other damages by meticulously investigating the accident and determining all potential responsible parties — including manufacturers, designers, and distributors of defective or unreasonably dangerous construction and hydraulic equipment. Kenney & Conley handles personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits arising from construction equipment accidents, such as:

  • Hydraulic brake failure in heavy equipment
  • Defective electric or hydraulic lifts or lift trucks
  • Defective mechanics causing a backhoe accident
  • Defective forklift or boom crane accidents
  • Other defective construction equipment

Working with engineers, industrial designers, and other industry specific experts, we ensure each case is supported by forensic evidence and expert testimony as well as complete documentation of the damages suffered. Our comprehensive case preparation and presentation of liability and damages has driven our long history of success in complex construction accident cases. Our priority is to provide you with the best possible service and the best possible results in your case.

Boston Area Equipment Accident Attorneys

The attorneys at Kenney & Conley have the experience and knowledge required to thoroughly investigate your claim and to ensure that you are given the best chance of receiving maximum compensation for your injuries. With over 20 year of experience serving the greater Boston area, our firm is committed to assisting the residents of Massachusetts. Contact the greater Boston law firm of Kenney & Conley today, toll free at (781) 848-9891, to discuss your rights after an accident involving construction or hydraulic equipment.