Hotels, Apartments, and Condos Cases

  1. Settlement during mediation in favor of woman who suffered fractured vertabrae while escaping from inoperable handicap elevator in an effort to assist wheelchair-bound companion.
  2. Settlement during mediation in favor of a flight attendant who suffered cervical disc injury in a slip and fall accident caused by moisture and absence of mats on a marble floor in a hotel lobby.
  3. Settlement for tenant who suffered a fractured fibula and wrist injury in trip and fall due to landlord’s failure to care for sidewalks resulting in dangerous cracks.
  4. Settlement on behalf of a woman injured in a fall while exiting a defective whirlpool spa.
  5. Settlement for out of town business man injured in slip and fall on sand in hotel entryway.
  6. Settlement for hotel guest who fractured ankle due to sand on hotel’s outdoor basketball court.
  7. Verdict for tenant who suffered herniated cervical disc in accident caused by low-hanging awning outside apartment entryway.
  8. Settlement in favor of a tenant injured in a fall on unsafe stairs at an apartment house.
  9. Settlement for tenant who suffered shoulder injury in fall on ice caused by defective gutters and drainage at apartment entrance.