April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Distracted Driving Awareness Month puts safety first and text messages, arriving on
time, and friends under the influence in the back seat.
According to 2016 statistics, the National Safety Council estimates as many as 40,000
people died on U.S. roadways. That’s a 6% increase over 2015 statistics and 14% over
2014. The NSC says that’s the most dramatic two-year increase in 53 years!
What can you do? Turn off your phone. Designate a sober driver. Reduce your speed.
Crying children can wait until you can pull over safely. Wear your seat belt.
Take the pledge to stay focused and end distracted driving. Here at Kenney & Conley,
we have adopted the Distracted Driving policy below and encourage others to do the
It is the policy of this law firm to prioritize the safety of its lawyers, its staff, and
the community. Those driving on firm business are expected to drive safely by:
• Driving without texting;
• Driving without using any hand-held device of any kind;
• Reducing, with the goal of eliminating, most cell phone use, hands-free or blue
• Letting calls go to voice mail when driving and safely pulling over to retrieve
messages and to make calls;
• If known, waiting until people have stopped driving before trying to contact
them, unless the communication is time sensitive;
• Being patient and not expecting immediate responses to calls or texts,
recognizing that the recipient may be driving, and working together to
implement a plan for acceptable response time when they will be driving;
• Ending phone calls we have made once we learn that the recipient is driving;
• Reducing or eliminating other distractions while driving, including eating,
reading, programming the GPS (while moving), personal grooming and other
activities that take our mind and eyes off the task of driving;
• Being a good role model for co-workers, friends and family by driving in a
nondistracted manner.